25th October, 2020

Apple English Club – The English playground was established in 2007 by the School of Public Finance, with the main purpose of enhancement of the English skills of UEH students

Back to school, Apple English Club welcomes all the School of Public Finance students and the members of APPLE to the next ENGLISH STATION – TRAVERSE. With “Diversity in the workplace” topic, all participants know the diversity of working cultures in different countries around the world.

After the first round, the second round proudly invited Ms. Vicky Tran – CEO at VICKY ENGLISH to be the examiner for attendance's performances; besides, she also shared valuable presentation skills. Plus, English Station - Traverse today also honor had the attendance of Ms. Mai Hoai – Dean of School of Public Finance. As a representative of the School of Public Finance, Ms. Mai Hoai shared English's importance nowadays. She hoped that Apple English Club will always be a helpful English playground for every UEH students.

At first glance, every attendance was very enthusiastic and joyful. To bring the heat up, everyone firstly joined the warm-up game: Shake it off. After that, the first English skill for today was reading; everyone read quickly about the country facts and guess which that country is. Then, all attendance practiced listening skills from watching the video about the topic and answering questions. The last practice station was for speaking and writing skills; everyone worked in groups, discussed, and alternatively made presentations about the topic.

Ms. Vicky was surprising about the English skills of UEH students; however, she still gave great feedback and presentation skills, such as presentation gesture and tone of voice.

The TRAVERSE 25th October came to the final station with the generous prizes and taking many memorable pictures.




In Apple English Club – Traverse, the prizes are not a significant matter; attendances realize how valuable and powerful the English skills enhancement is more important. With the primary purpose of English enhancement for UEH students, Apple English Club hopes in our next events, more and more students can join with us to make our English skills better.



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