UEH Mission - Vision 23/05/2019

Mission - Vision



The University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) is dedicated to excellence both in offering students a broad range of high-quality academic programs in Economics Science, Business, Management, Law; and applying the results of scientific research directly into real-world situations, making pivotal contributions to the labor force development for the national industrialization and modernization in the context of global economic integration.



By the year 2020, the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) will become a research, training and consultation centre in Economics, Business, Management and Law, on par with other prestigious higher education institutions in Asia. Our university aims to provide the best higher education and research environment with the highest standards of professionalism to our students, ensuring that our graduates with be fully capable of competing and adapting to the global economy. 



- Understand the needs of students and society;

- Transfer results of scientific research to other organizations and corporates;

- Develop highly professional, dynamic, responsible and ethical staff and faculty;

- Encourage a creative application of technology in the working, teaching and learning environments;

- Take pride and promote UEH’s traditional values.



Implement the advanced curriculum to catch up with regional standards of higher education and reach world-class higher education trends; promote academic research and constantly modernize and professionalize the university management and governance