SPF Vision - goal 23/05/2019



Vietnam’s educational philosophy

From the past, Vietnam has a traditional philosophy of education, which has been developed and amended to suit each stage of the nation’s progress throughout history. This continuous development has culminated in Ho Chi Minh’s educational philosophy, which the Party and State creatively apply to the national education system.

Philosophy of education is generally a philosophical theory of education based on fundamental rules of teaching. In a broader sense, it represents the views and the principles that direct the establishment of objectives, materials, and methods in the learning process.

Thus, if understood in its broader sense, an educational philosophy may be established by any nation in any era as a complete theory, or summarized in sayings, slogans, folk songs, and proverbs that contain certain hidden philosophies of societal expectations.

In Vietnam, the traditional educational philosophy is expressed and shown in a natural, simple way: “No teacher, no success”; “We learn not at school but in life”; “Hands-on learning”; “Learning going hand in hand with practice”; “First code of conduct, second knowledge”. Therefore, Vietnamese traditional concept of education and teaching methods are reflected quite clearly as cultural tools for social success, which are to pass on an enormous wealth of knowledge to the next generation.


UEH has set its strategy’s goal as[1] Developing UEH into a prestigious university for education, scientific research and consultancy in the science of economics and business administration in Vietnam and Asia; building faculty into high qualified and research capable educational staff; providing sufficient facilities and modern equipment to accommodate all activities of the university; constructing training programs to catching up regional standards of higher education and accessing to development trends of advanced education in the world with a high competitiveness to adapting to the global integration.”.


UEH’s Core values

  • Understand the needs of students and the society
  • Transfer results of scientific research to institutions and corporates
  • Develop professional, dynamic, responsible and virtuous staff
  • Stimulate technological application in the working, teaching and learning creatively
  • Develop UEH’s traditional values


The educational philosophy of SoPF

Based on the educational philosophy of UEH [4.1], consistent with the school’s mission and vision, the educational approach of the School of Public Finance is to train students become competent graduates who possess strong knowledge in public finance and teamwork skills, actively flexibly adapt to the new environment, solve any cases well and respect long-life learning.

[1] http://www.ueh.edu.vn/news.aspx?id=707&tl=Mission-Vision

SoPF’s Mission and Vision

By 2021, the School of Public Finance will become a:

  • highly prestigious school in Vietnam in public finance, tax administration, business taxation, and customs and foreign trade, which is recognized and appreciated by employers.
  • the research school which is recognized by prestigious international journals (such as ISI and Scopus)

Based on:

  • Building up highly qualified and well-trained employees and lecturers with effective pedagogic methods and good research capability;
  • Building (to the permissible extent) and improving existing training programs to keep pace with the standards of the world's leading universities and meet requirements of the social needs which are unstable.